Established in 2012, the cultural centre aims to provide life skills for disadvantaged people in Nkhotakota. It is the only cultural institution of its kind in the district. We provide a Music School for youth and frequently host cultural events for the citizens of Nkhotakota. The school offers free training for children and youth. We provide lessons and workshops within music, dancing, drama and arts. We aim to give young people a place to learn, have fun, be creative, explore and grow in a safe and inclusive environment.

The Music School gathers more than 100 kids every week to participate in dance, drama, music and art. In addition to training youth, we offer traditional drum and dance lessons as part of our income-generating activities. Our music school was established in 2013. It is run in cooperation with the MOVE and Norec, and is partly run by volunteers from Norway.


Nkhotakota Music Festival was started in 2014 and has so far been hosted 7 times. The festival attracts people from all over the country and is an important event on the cultural scene of Nkhotakota District. So far, we have brought big Malawian names such as Faith Mussa, Peter Mawanga, and Kim of Diamonds to Nkhotakota to perform. The festival has several objectives, the most important being to create an annual big event for the local community, which has a national reach. We want the festival to contribute to putting Nkhotakota on the cultural map of Malawi, and we also want to use the festival to highlight important societal issues such as gender inequality and the fight against HIV/Aids. With a growing number of audiences each year, several thousand spectators have attended the previous festivals. Read more about the Nkhotakota Music Festival here.