We are proud to have had a real impact on people´s lives. Below are some of the success stories of our former students.

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Charity Kamzule

Currently working as an Assistant Fabricator and Welder, teaching the Fabrication class, Charity is proof of how women can prosper through vocational training. 

She grew up and completed her secondary education but could not be selected to go to college. This did not go well with her. A trusted friend suggested she take a vocational course instead. Charity, a 24 year old lady had been under the impression that only students weak in their studies chose vocational training.  Luckily for her, a teacher with more awareness of job opportunities suggested she rethink her decision.

He explained that many students opted for vocational diplomas after completing their other studies when they found it difficult to find a job. He suggested that she not waste time with repeating with the sake of wanting to be selected to college because there was more demand for skills and a certificate could open up opportunities for employment with good monies. Motivated by this advice, she decided to pursue a one-year certificate program in Fabrication and Welding in 2017-2018 cohort. 

As a student, Charity faced opposition from society. Her friends said she had made a poor decision and would be overqualified when she started looking for a spouse. Her aunts taunted her when she woke up early for her studies, perhaps because they felt slighted by her ambition. Her neighbors said women should take care of the family not spend time selfishly bettering themselves. But Charity’s immediate family was supportive, so she continued. At one point, her father asked her if she wanted to get married, but she explained, “If I get married after settling into a career, I may get a better proposal!” Though her father came from a very humble background, he had enough foresight to encourage all five of his children to educate themselves. Because of the courage she took, a brother who had nothing to do with vocation was impressed and he enrolled at the same school (Nkhotakota Vocational School).

“In a small district like Nkhotakota, girls get married at an early age,” explains Charity.

Charity has with her the Malawi Trade Test grade 1 certificate in Fabrication and Welding. She intends to start purchasing materials for fabrication by and large to make sure that she further her skill and teach more girls who are vulnerable. She also feels obliged to encourage more and more girls to enroll for the course and have their lives change.

Hassan Juma

Every success has a story behind it. It could be an ordinary story, a cheerful tale or a story with a downright emotional background. The tale of Hassan Juma, a young man aged 24, is intertwined with twists and turns and painful experiences. Hassan is a carpentry graduate of our vocational training programme. He completed his training in 2018. His life has transformed but the road to success has been one rough ride on a rocky path. Even his primary and secondary education were a tough experience. Hassan’s parents divorced when he was still a minor and this changed everything. This happened when Hassan was still in primary school. He moved out to live with his grandparents. His father continued to pay for his tuition up to secondary school but it came with its own set of problems. Although Hassan’s father was employed, the pay he received was not enough to manage the boy’s basic needs and fully meet his education. As a result Hassan struggled throughout his studies from primary to secondary school.

Against this background, Hassan from Katengeza village, Senior Group Chunga got a chance through Katengeza Youth Club which is a member club to the District Youth Network to enroll for a carpentry course at our vocational school. With hard work and passion for the training, Hassan finished his course. Little did he know that a construction company called Mangalazi was subcontracted to construct a dam for the government which would later on require his skills. He gathered courage and applied for a job as a carpenter there. Luckily he was employed after successfully passing both the oral and practical interviews. He Worked at Mangalazi Construction as a carpenter for 6 months i.e. from October 2018 to May 2019. Among other things Hassan was making shatters for the Chilingali dam and making ceiling boards for the office which he successfully did with little supervision from his immediate supervisor. All thanks to the skill in carpentry he got from Nkhotakota Vovational Skills training school. With the monies he was getting from the work he was doing,  he Has bought 11 iron sheets for his house, managed to employ people to work on his cassava 1 acre farm, and has managed to buy 2 goats.

Hassan has with him the Malawi Trade Test grade 3 certificate in Carpentry and Joinery which he obtained in the year 2017. Given the availability of funds, he intends to continue school and get a higher certificate and increase chances of getting a good job before operating his entity.